When you join the hub you will see both our own team members and users. Our User guidance is based on the usual Social Media rules.

  1. You should be suitably dressed when on Camera.
  2. You should refrain from any inappropriate language, including swearing and comments to others that may cause offence.
  3. In the Participants Link you will be able to identify who the duty hub Host (Admin) is.
  4. You can send any members private messages and text sent should also be appropriate.
  5. Your Camera Background should not contain anything which is illegal or may cause offense to others.
  6. When participating in the open Veteran’s hub you should not talk over others, but simply raise your hand if you need to talk.
  7. If you need to talk to someone in a 1 to 1 setting you just need to ask, and the host will sort this for you.
  8. Conversations that take place in the hub are the property of Forces Online CIO and people should not record and distribute any conversations without the express permission of the Charity. You can, however, request your private meetings to be recorded if you need a copy of it.
  9. You will have the opportunity to occasionally share screens with the hub, who cannot be held responsible for any sensitive information that my later cause you any personal issues or loss.