Where Possible Operators should.

  1. Ensure that cameras are facing a suitable backdrop, and where this is not so, try and use a zoom backdrop where possible. It is mandatory as a Forces Online official to be on camera whilst you are in the hub in any meeting or the day to day business in meetings.
  2. Should not eat, drink, or smoke on camera. (Tea, Coffee, Water, etc is acceptable).
  3. If you are required to answer or make any phone calls, ensure you mute your microphone.
  4. Do not end the meeting if you are the host.
  5. For Formal meetings please make sure you are presentable.
  6. Do not swear or use inappropriate language or innuendoes during open hub times.
  7. You must NOT discuss or share any personal issues about others without their consent.
  8. When sharing screens please be mindful, relating to personal or sensitive information or who might be in the hub during sharing sessions. Where possible use private rooms.
  9. If you are having any issues getting on the hub, and you are the operator please inform someone to help ASAP.
  10. On the hub identification marker just use your name (not titles), we all need to be working in the same consistent manner.  Titles should also not appear in any backdrop images apart from the words Hub Administrator. Forces Online officials can also use “firstname – department”.
  11. If you are the hub duty administrator, you should ensure that waiting times are kept to a minimum.
  12. Hub Administrators should where possible appoint Co Hosts.
  13. Hub Administrators who open the hub should open 5 rooms ready for use throughout the session.
  14. If any users of the hub start to have issues relating to anxiety, stress of breakdowns, then please move the discussion/interaction to a private room ASAP. If this is not possible then uninvolved users should be moved into one of the private rooms ASAP allowing the Welfare staff to deal with the incident. All incidents relating to this section are a notifiable event and a hub incident form should be raised and posted to our senior hub operator.